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Mohnish Mohan Mukkar – The Perfect Chinese Tea Pot

According to Mohnish Mohan Mukkar the tea pot is at the centre of the ancient Chinese culture of tea brewing and the tea ceremony. The pot is largely responsible for the flavor of the tea as its constitution helps to draw out the tea’s essential oils, giving each tea a distinctive taste. It is therefore important to identify the right pot for your daily tea brewing or for those special occasions. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a pot:

Here are the factors that determine the right tea pot for you:

Size & Shape

They vary in size and depending on the number of people you will be serving on a regular basis; you will need to find a suitably sized pot. This eliminates the hassle of repeatedly brewing pots tea. Mohnish Mohan Mukkar wants to tell you the size of the pot should also feel comfortable in your hands for daily use. The shape of tea pot also varies depending on tea variety brewed. The difference is the surface area exposed to the fire.


Traditionally, pots were made of clay. The different clay varieties give the tea pot the unique characteristics. Each clay type has unique porosity levels, reacting differently with the tea leaves and adding to the subtlety or strength of the brew. The clay is also sourced from different regions on China, possessing different hues and tones. There are earth clay and stone clay pots, the latter of which are more commonly available. The clays may also be mixed up to encompass different properties.

Crafting; this may either be hand made using traditional tools or molded using wheels for commercial production. Fully hand-made pots are considered priceless as each piece has its own character. Finishing involves firing at high temperatures. A higher firing temperature produces a higher the quality tea pot.


Whether you are buying a new or antique pot, it must be aesthetically pleasant to improve your tea service. Check for cracks, chips, veins or color inconsistencies. Also check that the spout is clear of blockages. Some have decorated finishes with artwork and inscriptions. These add a unique aspect to their source.

All in all, the best way to tell the right one for you is by studying it. Inquire about its history, weight, how and where it was made among such details. By the Mohnish Mohan Mukkar right one will definitely make your tea service worthwhile. You may also consider porcelain or glass tea pots which do not interfere with the tea’s flavors.

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